The rainy season brings more than just downpours. There’s a big chance that many of our homes are not even prepared for the unexpected strong blows.

Did you know that very few appliances are waterproof, which could lead to repairs or total replacement?

Midea appliances are designed to physically withstand wear and tear. With proper care for these home appliances, we can keep them at their best even through damp and soggy days.

Here are some useful and time-tested tips to make sure that they’re in top shape to deliver uninterrupted comfort through the wettest days of the year.


1. Keep your electric cords in good condition.

Be mindful of the following safety tips to take care of your sockets and cords during rainy season to avoid short circuits and fire hazards:

  • Do not overload an electric socket with multiple cords and adapters.
  • Use insulators to cover all electrical cords.
  • Do not staple or nail them. Use appropriate tapes.
  • Change loose cords and sockets immediately. Plug cords firmly to their sockets.
  • Do not place cords underneath carpets or rugs.

2. Do not let your electric appliances get wet.

Electric appliances malfunction or fuse out if water gets in them or stays inside. It is also a fire hazard if the moisture or water stays and they are turned on. Make sure to store them in a cool and dry place until the rains are over.

3. Unplug appliances when not in use.

After doing your laundry with the Midea 10/7kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing Machine, make sure to unplug it, like the rest of your appliances when not in use. 

Did you know that the more appliances you have plugged in around your home, the more susceptible these devices are to damage through an unexpected power surge?

Unplugging appliances when not in use can also save you money from your electricity bills and probable repairs.

Cherish the scent of fresh laundry even without the sun with the help of Midea 10/7kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing Machine.

Maximize your space and savings as the Midea Front Load Combo Washing Machine uses up to 70% less water than other equivalent size top loaders. It’s also a washer and dryer in one!

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4. Immediately turn off and disconnect an appliance when it sparks or stalls.

All outlets can create a spark when the circuit is active. But sometimes, it can cause abnormal sparks that can be dangerous to the whole electrical system, especially if it is dampened by water.

If you encountered sparks that smell, are lengthy and big, it is a sign to immediately turn it off and seek the help of your trusted electrician.

Midea 5.5L Digital Air Fryer has an automatic shut off feature, giving you that extra confidence and peace of mind when there’s an unforeseen spark or lighting that causes your circuit to trip.

5. Clean your Midea appliances regularly.

By regularly checking and cleaning your appliances, you can be assured that there’s no dampness, damage, or loose wires around. This will keep you and your family safe at home.

6. Schedule a regular Preventive Maintenance Check for your Air Conditioner.

Being a tropical country, the temperature in the Philippines can still be quite hot in spite of the rainy season. Your air conditioner helps in keeping your home at the perfect temperature, providing you with cooling comfort that you and your family deserve.

That’s why taking care of it with a Preventive Maintenance Check will help you fix minor problems immediately and let it perform in optimal conditions.

Here’s a Preventive Maintenance checklist for your Air Conditioner

  • Inspect and clean the drain line and pan.
  • Clean condenser coils and evaporator.
  • Clean air registers as dusty air registers reduce airflow.
  • Clean/Replace Air Filters every 2 weeks
  • Lubricate blower and condenser fans as fans should rotate freely.
  • Inspect electrical wirings and controls to avoid loose connections.
  • Check the thermostat.
  • Always consult with an accredited or authorized Midea air conditioner specialist

Experience the convenience of a window type air conditioner with the hush calmness of a split-type, for surprisingly-friendly moments of relaxation that’s all about “U” with the new Midea U!

The new Midea U 1.5HP Window Type Inverter offers whisper-quiet, silent operation that’s below 42dB. Along with a strong airflow that can reach up to 20 feet of wind blast!

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7. Be ready to move your appliances on a higher floor.

Make sure that your appliances are safe and away from loss in case of flooding. If your home is located in flood-prone areas, it pays to be extra cautious and alert during the rainy season.

Midea’s portable airconditioner can be easily moved anytime anywhere, bringing you the peace of mind you need during rainy days. Built with cutting-edge technology, this portable air conditioner can also customize the cooling experience you need in your home. 

8. Be prepared for power interruptions.

Weather and storms can disrupt our electricity. Expect power outages due to it but do not panic! 

The better way to address this situation is to unplug appliances with electronic components such as refrigerators, microwaves, and computers. When electricity is restored, wait for a few minutes to turn it on again to eliminate damage to your appliances.

Sustain the freshness of your food inside Midea 3.3 cu. Ft Refrigerator by keeping the door closed once the power is off. Usually, refrigerators can keep its contents cold for about four hours if it is unopened. 

9. Check for damp floors and walls.

When your roof goes unchecked or the rain starts entering your home, seepages and leakages could be quite common. 

Regularly check for damp walls and floors in your home, especially in areas with sockets and electrical appliances. Make sure to get waterproofing done as soon as possible to address the issues and avoid any mishap.

Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a slim and swift design that’s engineered to sweep all around, even on hard-to-reach areas. It has four different cleaning options to satisfy your cleaning needs. 

10. Invest in modern home solutions that would last.

It’s always worth investing in quality home solutions that you know would last. It helps you get better sleep at night when you know you’re getting your money’s worth with the safety and convenience that these home appliances provide.

Once you’re done preparing your home for the rainy days, give yourself a hot shower that you deserve with the Midea Digital Display Water Heater.

For only P5.00 per 10 minutes of shower, you can easily stay cozy at home after a refreshing bathing comfort.

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This rainy season, may you find surprisingly-friendly ways to stay safe and happy at home with Midea!

Trust the world’s No. 1 Appliance Manufacturer in the country - Midea, to provide you with surprisingly-friendly home solutions that champions innovation, technology and design. Invest only with the name you can trust.

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